Welcome :)

Hello and welcome.

I have sat and stared at my opening lines for at least the past 45-minutes trying to come up with something incredibly witty and funny to open this blog. It seems it is quite hard, so we will begin with the simple but to the point WELCOME! 😀

This, I hope will be my first blog of many.

So let me begin by telling you a little about myself. My name is Amy… or Amynoos if you will, hence the musings from the noos…ings… my very poor attempt at a witty title for this blog. I am 28 years old and in the beautiful grey fuzzy area of life where “should be a grown up” meets  “I want to sit in my pants and watch cartoons”. It occurred to me in a haze of spiced rum and cola on New Years that now it is 2014, I can say “I am 30 years old next year”.


When did that happen?

After some staring with my jaw dropped for a good while, I thought I would grasp this opportunity to explore the next year and 10 months of the funny old world of being in your late twenties by starting a blog. General panic, distress, childlike behaviour and compaining about the “youth today” will be interspliced between reviews, amusing items and anything that I find interesting or feel the need to comment on.

So here we go! I hope this is to become my new favourite thing to do, and hopefully I can entice some of you wonderful internetty type folk to follow me along for the ride.