Funny ol’ English! Codswhallop!

What a brilliant word this one is! Codswhallop… ooooooooh what a load of codswhallop!! It’s meaning “nonsense” You would use it as a rather lovely way of explaining that something is nonsense…

“David said to me that he could eat 12 pizza’s in one sitting… what a load of codswhallop”.

I feel a bit like this word has gone out of fashion, I will endeavour to use it more!!

So, where does codswhallop come from? 

It is widely accepted that “codswhallop” comes from the tale of a man named Hiram Codd who in the 1870’s patented a bottle for fizzy drinks that had a marble in the neck, which would act as a lid as the pressure from the gas in the drink sealing the bottle. The marble was pushed into the bottle releasing the gas and the drink was consumed. 

Whallop was a slang term for beer, and Codd’s Whallop became a term used by beer drinkers to describe beer that was gassy or weak. I am guessing that Codd’s invention was not all that great then! 

Some other theories describe “Codd” as referencing codd-piece, whallop still being the slang term for beer. Also, “Codd” literally as in the fish. 

So there you go! I am sure Mr Codd would not be best pleased to know that his invention has now become a term for something that is nonsense. 

“They are using my invention to describe something as nonsense – what a load of codswhallop”.