Blog Block

So only a couple of weeks in and I have already missed a week of posting. Not good enough Amy! It is amazing, I have spent months with little ideas buzzing around my head of what I could put on my blog and what hilarious things go through my head but as soon as there is some where to put them…

The above image was actually sourced from a rather brilliant blog post about over coming writers block, Liz the writer suggests reading a book to help inspire. Now for me, I have found great inspiration from reading other blogs, and from watching endless videos on youtube. What a wealth of information out there to get my noggin working. Yet  the translation from brain to blog seems difficult,  think it is most likely because I am lazy… and Eastenders needs watching. 
Anyway, I hope that this will not become a habit! I will endeavour to post at least once a week, if not more. I have some more funny English sayings for you and also a monthly feature on beauty subscription boxes… no clue? Me either.. we can go on this journey together.