Everything 5 Pounds Haul

I am a huge fan of Everything 5 Pounds, don’t get me wrong it can be hugely hit or miss, I have bought some absolute horrors on there. I think most of the items must be end of the line or unwanted stock. Some items appear to have come from high street stores like Primark and H&M, and even River Island. Regardless, I love a bargain and there are some great items on there for the incredible price tag of £5!
I had a little splurge on there last week, in an attempt to make myself feel better while dosed up to my eyeballs on Lemsip. Here are the goods I received. I am really pleased with most of the items this time!
Please excuse the not-so-great photos, I am in desperate need of a better set up/camera.
This is the only item I am not that pleased with. For some reason they cut the “Atmosphere” label out (to the trained eye – Primark!), which is fine, but it looks like the did so with an old blunt pair of kiddie scissors. It is also very very sheer, and will need a top underneath it, and riddled with static. I am not sure I am going to get along with it. I think it is quite different from the image on their website on this occasion.
Frill Hem Pattern Tunic Dress


Really pleased with this. It is a really lovely forest green, I haven’t tried it on yet but feels like a good quality item that can be dressed up or down with accessories. It’s probably going to be a little too short to wear without leggings. I am fine with this though, I usually find I am much more comfortable wearing leggings!
Open Front Linen Blend Blazer
I have been after a blazer for ages, they just seem to really smarten up any outfit they are teamed with. Also they are great for the warmer days when you don’t want to take a coat out but want something lightweight to cover you. Really pleased with this item, it is a very soft relaxed material but it looks quite smart. I think it was definitely help to add a bit more of a grown up look desperately needed in my wardrobe…. clearly demonstrated by this next item.
I am over the moon with this!! It is the best thing ever. It’s fluffy, it has a huge hood, it has ears, it has bobbles, it has holes in the sleeves for your thumbs, it was £5. I am never taking it off. Ever.
Silky Feel Open Front Cardigan
This is a bit of a cross between a kimono and a blazer, it is a bit more of a lighter blue than it has come out in my photo but is perfect for the summer.
My tips for getting the most out of their website
Stick to the first few pages, their new stock is usually put on the first few pages and the further back you go the less likely they are to have it in your size.
Don’t hang around too much, items sell out super quick, I have seen items go out of stock as soon as I have gone to add them to my basket!
It is a bit like shopping in TK Maxx, be prepared to rummage, and if you find something you like hang onto it! :)
Keep an eye on the postage too, it is charged per item so it can soon rack up. 5 items of clothing this time cost me £5.15.