The Princess Switch (2018) Netflix Review

This one seems to be the “hot” Netflix Christmas release for this year, so it was firmly on my list of movies to watch. The Princess Switch starring Vanessa Hudgens who you might recognise from High School Musical.

The Princess Switch


Stacy runs a bakery in Chicago (CHICAGO! SHE IS FROM CHICAGO! If it is mentioned once it is mentioned a hundred times), who enters a Christmas baking competition in the kingdom of Belgravia. She bumps into the fiancee of the prince of Belgravia, who is her double just with a posh accent and pearl necklace. Lady Jane Poshface wants to find out what it’s like to be a “real life girl” so they embark on the ol’ switcharoony for a couple of days. What could possibly go wrong?!



Actually not too bad, not too cringe. It’s no Shawshank but on our ‘Terrible Christmas Movie’ scale it’s up there.




A solid score! Of course, it’s stupid and silly but I thought it was quite a cute story. Hudges does a great wondering accent from both sides, but none of the other characters seemed to notice? No “mate, what happened to your accent?”, I would have noticed!

I am not sure the whole rival with the woman in the competition was needed, it felt a little bit tagged on and didn’t necessarily bring anything to the story. Also, I mean…. she managed to bake an entire gigantic cake without a mixer, I am sure she can handle some filling by hand. Also, did anyone else notice the cake was decorated before she had made the filling? These oversights did make the whole attempt at creating suspense in the baking competition feel last minute and not very thought through. They were not needed.

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It could not have been more Christmassy unless it was set in lapland. We quickly move from Chicago to the snowy Christmas villages of Belgravia. The country seems to thrive on Christmas and it’s all about the decorations, baubles, stockings, trees. Every scene is pretty much focused around Christmas or doing something Christmassy.



It manages to be predictable without feeling like you are wasting your time because you know where the story is going. Yes it is predictable but I didn’t mind.

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Terrible Rating:


It is silly. It is not THAT terrible. I may have even enjoyed it.