Once Upon a Holiday (2015) – Netflix Review

Once Upon a Holiday. Cue awkward family photograph movie poster.



A princess of a teeny weeny country no one seems to have heard of is visiting New York doing her yearly Christmas meetings. She wants to go and explore and have fun, but alas now she is a grown up she has to do boring things. So she runs off.



Hit and miss. The main actress playing the Princess is alright as are most of the main cast. However the opening sequence with the child actor is pretty painful. The chap playing the (sisters?) journalist boyfriend is woeful. It’s like he went to the acting school for comic books are studied the villain chapter. He may as well be doing a Dr Evil impression.




Don’t think too hard about the story, because it will ruin the fact it is terribly enjoyable. If you think too hard you realise it is terribly terrible. The beginning is somewhat amusing, even if it is not meant to be. She seems woefully inept at navigating the city and is wondering around like a doe eyed alien who has never seen a skyscraper before. She is mugged for her vintage camera and clutch bag, and doesn’t seem to notice. She just stands there blinking at our love interest like she malfunctioned, has restored to factory settings and is awaiting instructions. *blink blink* I did question the motivations of the “helpful” characters who seemed to just be okay taking in a woman who seemed like she may have had some kind of breakdown and wondered off without any ID in her fancy shoes. At no point is anyone like “love you ok?, can I call someone?” instead like, “here have some chips and a kip on my sofa”. Bizarre.

Also the journalist who seems to be covering this story and it’s his make or break career moment doesn’t recognise her? Fail.

Dead Parent Count:




The film feels pretty Christmassy I think. City Christmassy. One of the main plot points is that this was where she felt close to her parents as they would all visit together at Christmas time. There are lots of lovely decorations. And of course the token Snowy European Mountain of her kingdom (queendom? princessdom?)



Of course we know there is a happy ever after coming and the warm and fuzzies are on their way. However it doesn’t feel like a tiresome journey to get to where you know you are going.

Cheesy Rating:



Terrible Rating:


It is suitably terrible in that you don’t want to admit you actually might have enjoyed it.

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  1. Joanne mitten
    December 18, 2018 at 1:50 pm (1 year ago)

    I saw this film and thought you comments were spot on. Cheesy Christmas movies. I love em