Christmas Inheritance (2017) Netflix Review

Second on my terrible movie watch list was Christmas Inheritance

Christmas Inheritance


A young heiress from New York, who seems to have remarkable random talent for gymastics but also been the most uncordianated clumsy person ever is sent to a small town Snow Falls to deliver a letter. Because apparently a post man won’t cut the mustard and it simply MUST be delivered by hand. Cue snow, fairy lights, silent night played on repeat and an inevitable romance with taxi driver/hotel manager Jake. Will she deliver the letter? Will she remember she has a fiance?



Alright actually, at no point did it make me cringe or question if they had their lines written on their hand. Andie MacDowell makes an appearance.




It makes an attempt to tell the “spoiled stupid heiress turns good” plot, yet kind of forgets to mention half of the plot points required for any sensible character development. She seems like a nice girl from the start despite doing some stupid things. The whole spoiled girl having her life turned around just didn’t really seem to work.

There are so many many questions. So many many holes. A snow storm means a run on the hotel of needy guests including the local homeless chap, however a romanic walk outside is had… and her fiance manages to drive up? Why is her fiance such an arse? Is it only when she is doing shots that she can do a backflip? The rest of the time she just breaks stuff and falls down? Her dead mother is mentioned at the end that, that was the reason she was reluctant to go to the town… was it? Did I miss this? Why does she seem to suddenly be running the hotel after about 48 hours? Did Andie MacDowell properly read the script before she signed up for this film?

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Setting is pretty cute. Small cute American town sprinkled in snow. The main action is in the super cosy hotel.



The overall plot is pretty predictable, but part of me thought it might be going elsewhere alas this was due to the superbly wiggly plot line that just made me question what on earth was going on.

Cheesy Rating:


A nice ripe brie.

Terrible Rating:


Truly awful