Angel of Christmas (2015) Netflix Review

Hallmark movies, Angel of Christmas was next up.

Angel of Christmas


Susan is set the task of writing an article (looming deadline, Christmas of course) about a wooden hand-carved angel that has been passed down through her family. The angel seems to bring people together (when I say bring them together I mean, doe eyes and marriage within a year or so…YIKES).



Generally not too bad, but there are some super cringe worthy moments of weird acting.




It’s pretty painful if I am honest. Even by my terrible movie standards. Her great-grandfather carved the angel for a mystery actress he fell in love with before meeting her great-grandmother. It’s all a big mystery. Both her grandparents and her parents met after dealing with this pesky wooden angel (who I am SORRY but is far too heavy for any sodding Christmas tree). OOOOOH MYSTERIOUS. Damn thing seems to be able to blow papers around, turn TVs on and cut out the power. What did G-G-PA carve this thing with?!¬†Gandalf’s staff?

Susan hates Christmas because her ex dumped her one year. WORST REASON EVER. Get over it, have a gingerbread latte love.

Her love interest has paint splattered on his face and clothes for the majority of the film…we get it, he is a free-spirited artist. Susan and him are just so mismatched, I think that is what they were going for (opposites attract kind of thing) but it almost went too far. I give their relationship until Easter. She was better off going with the bloke in her office.

Dead Parent Count:




Set in New York. Throw in a token snow cabin at the end. The constant CGI fluttering snow was really distracting and really fake. There is some laughable green screen. There are also some awful outside but actually inside a set scenes. Some points for token decorations thrown about the place.



There is a twist, I spotted early on. It is your bulk standard love story of opposites attract. Well at least I think that it what it was trying to be.

Cheesy Rating:


The rind of a strong blue cheese. The bit no one wants.

Terrible Rating:


Just awful.