A Wish for Christmas (2016) – Netflix Review

A Wish for Christmas was next on my Netflix tour of terrible Christmas movies.

A Wish For Christmas


Sarah is a junior website developer for a marketing company with dreams of moving up the ranks. However she is unconfident and afraid to speak up, meaning that people like her boss walk all over her. Santa pops by to grant her one magic wish (ta pet) and she wishes for courage (ala cowardly lion) which she has for the next 48 hours. HURRAH. Cue sassy pants, making goo goo eyes at the CEO of your company and decorating cookies with his Mum.



Lacey Chabert plays the main character Sarah and does a pretty standard Hallmark movies job. Ticks the boxes for me. Extra 0.5 for the cute child with speech impediment “fwanks Sawah”



It’s corny, but corny like a nice barbecued corn on the cob smothered in butter. It’s what I want going into a Christmas movie. I am not sure magic Santa wishes were necessarily required in the plot, could have been that she just had enough and started speaking her mind.

Dead Parent Count:




Starts of city, heads over to small snow capped ski town. Cute houses, snow, smothering of fairy lights and baubles. Random carol singers. Scenes are suitably Christmas pretty.



Overall we all know where the story was headed but there were some nice sassy pants moments that were not too painful to watch. It’s predictable in the warm cosy way, like you know what you are getting. A comfortable old pair of slippers.

Cheesy Rating:



Terrible Rating:


Can’t lie I enjoyed it, I had a nice time. It is not that terrible. It certainly isn’t great but it’s what I want in a Christmas movie.