A Christmas Prince (2017) Netflix Review

I love Netflix. What I love more than Netfllix, are the terrible Christmas Movies on Netflix.

There are some absolute gems on there this year! So here I embark on my mission to watch them all and bring you the best of the worst, and the worst of the worst.

First up we have A Christmas Price



An American reporter is sent to the beautiful snowy mountain country of Aldovia to follow the story of their playboy prince who is set to take the throne on Christmas eve. She conveniently accidentally becomes part of the staff by pretending to be the princesses tutor and of course conveniently accidentally falls in love with the prince. Can she convince him not to give his throne up to his annoying cousin? You guess.



Pretty solid score for a terrible movie. The villains in this story are pretty bad, reminded me of a kids movie. Maybe it was a kids movie? I am not actually sure… “size matters” *wink wink nudge nudge*. It wasn’t great. No oscars for best actor here.



I don’t think too much time was spent scribbling down the plot on the back of a beer mat. Perhaps room for a doodle of a pretty European castle.

Dead Parent Count:




Pretty scenery. Think fancy snow resort, snow, castles, snow, horses, snow, twinkly lights, snow. Oh and snow.



Pretty sure I have seen this story before? It is hilariously predictable. Not a full score for one small twist I didn’t see coming.

Cheesy Rating:



Terrible Rating:


It’s pretty terrible. I made it all the way through though without too much physical pain. It even managed to raise a couple of smiles. Suitably terrible.