Honest OOTD

OOTD for those who are not down with the Internet lingo is outfit of the day. The internet is littered with images of men and women, in fantastically put together outfits from Whistles and The White Company, casually draped across sun-drenched bodies with eyes hidden behind Ray-Ban shades, carefully posed on a beautiful doorstep in the posh part of town.

You know that it is one image of at least 75 that were taken. The best angle achieved, lighting, smoothed in post-production.


So here we go, I have gone for the opposite. We have my honest OOTD for today, Tuesday 24th July 2018. In honest OOTD I will take one photo. Any changes made will be declared. So here you are;

Honest OOTD 24/07/18

I cropped the image to make it evenly framed, and to cut out the pile of headphones, chargers and pyjamas to the right. I also put up the brightness a tiny bit because it is dark in this room, if I open the blinds then I am back lit and come out in silhouette (although some might argue I am best viewed in this manner). This is a crap mirror, I should have cleaned it before the photo. If you can see me through the muck, today’s outfit comprises of some unshapely black slouchy trousers with elastic around the ankles. I got them from Sports Direct about 5 years ago. The elastic is unforgiving and they are slightly see-through in certain lights. I have teamed this with the first top I grabbed out of the drawer, a £1.80 green strap top from Primark.

It is hot at the moment. Like sweat in your eyeballs, skin blistering, muggy floppy hot. Hair is in top knot. Not even a top knot, that would suggest I thought it a style. I tipped my head upside down, and tied my hair out of my face. No make up. I haven’t even washed my face, although I have someone popping to the house to do some odd jobs in 10 minutes so I do plan to have a shower after they have left.

Perhaps I should have taken the photo then.

Hey but this is going to be honest. So there you go, our first honest OOTD. Because the Internet needs more of me without any make up on.