#findthehappy – Week 5

FIND THE HAPPY – Week 5 – Monday 4th May 2015 – Sunday 10th May 2015
Happy #1: On Friday I bought some French Fancies to work as a treat. I forgot how good they were. 
We did end up getting into a huge debate about whether or not the yellow ones are lemon flavoured. What do you think? The packet suggests they are not flavoured but I am convinced the yellow ones taste ..well.. yellow! I think a blind taste test is in order.. I will need to get more! 

Happy #2: Friday night was girls night, some of my best girl friends came over to my flat where we drank too much gin, sang very loudly and out of tune to Proud Mary. We danced and generally had a very silly, glorious time of it.

I am pretty sure this probably wasn’t a happy for my neighbours however. Apologies to them.

Happy #3: Friday evenings make up felt like a great success, I purchased a lip brush from Boots on Thursday and gave that ago. I usually have trouble applying lipstick and often end up looking like Miranda Sings but the brush seemed to help. I had some compliments from my friends about it so that was nice. #bighead
Happy #4: Eggy Peppers. My lovely work colleague Jenna has a rather splendid food blog with lots of delicious recipes – she recently did this egg baked peppers which I gave a go during the week. I cooked them for a bit too long but I love the idea! I think with more practise this will be delicious, roasted pepper and rich runny yolk.. om nom nom. She also did the same thing with an avocado… I will also be trying this. Check out Jenna’s blog Raw Rhubarb for more yummy, healthy recipes!
Happy #5: On Sunday we went to Hangleton to see some friends and their beautiful children. Jezz & I, and my flat mate & her boyfriend are going on holiday with them at the end of the month so we sorted out the last few bits and went for a pub lunch at the lovely Hangleton Manor pubI had whitebait for my starter, chicken roast dinner for my main and then Pimms Eton Mess for pudding all washed down with a lovely pear cider.  Somewhat gluttonous but glorious.  I had lots of baby cuddles with the newest addition to their family, lots of giggles, and excited holiday squeaks from all. Not long to go now!! Less that two weeks and we are off to Gatwick :) :) :) Woop woop!
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