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6 Months Smoke Free!

I have never been one to be told what to do. 
So when the Department of Health launched their “Stoptober” campaign last year I was like;
So I quit in November 1st.
It hasn’t always been easy, but I am so glad I am finally free of the smoggy jacket that had enveloped me for the past *gasp* 13 years. Horrendous.
I had been thinking about quitting for a quite a while, more and more I was finding the smell and taste unpleasant and was feeling more and more grossed out by myself. I was finally convinced, encouraged by a couple of my friends who had recently quit using an e-cigarette. I searched the internet (bit of a mind field when it comes to these) and settled upon this kit from UK ECIG STORE which seemed to have good recommendations, was affordable and purple. (Yes, the purple pretty much sold it…)
It has been so helpful. I used it as a replacement to start with for the first few weeks, using it as I would have smoked. After a month or so decided to try and stop using it so much. Now I just have it with me when I am having a drink, which as most ex-smokers will tell you is the toughest time! 
From the start I used the lowest level of nicotine. As I have used it so little, the bottles of liquid have lasted me an age! I think I will get some without any nicotine for when I have a drink once the ones I currently have eventually run out, I am sure that now it is just more of the action rather than nicotine. 
But yes, so far so good, and no regrets. Only that I started smoking in the first place. 
But yes, today marks 6 months I have been smoke free. Here are some of my statistics from the QuitNow app I have been using. Scary!
 You can get the app here on Android  and on iTunes , it doesn’t cost a penny for the basic version which was fine for me! :)
If you are thinking of quitting do take advantage of all the help there is out there, Stoptober released a pack which I applied for (just didn’t crack open until November like the free-spirited-will-not-be-controlled person I am *snort*) and Smokefree run all year round so check their website out . Go and see your GP, many surgeries offer stop-smoking clinics and will really help you to quit.
So yes, today I am feeling quite proud of myself. Long may the non-smoking continue!