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#findthehappy – Week 5

FIND THE HAPPY – Week 5 – Monday 4th May 2015 – Sunday 10th May 2015
Happy #1: On Friday I bought some French Fancies to work as a treat. I forgot how good they were. 
We did end up getting into a huge debate about whether or not the yellow ones are lemon flavoured. What do you think? The packet suggests they are not flavoured but I am convinced the yellow ones taste ..well.. yellow! I think a blind taste test is in order.. I will need to get more! 

Happy #2: Friday night was girls night, some of my best girl friends came over to my flat where we drank too much gin, sang very loudly and out of tune to Proud Mary. We danced and generally had a very silly, glorious time of it.

I am pretty sure this probably wasn’t a happy for my neighbours however. Apologies to them.

Happy #3: Friday evenings make up felt like a great success, I purchased a lip brush from Boots on Thursday and gave that ago. I usually have trouble applying lipstick and often end up looking like Miranda Sings but the brush seemed to help. I had some compliments from my friends about it so that was nice. #bighead
Happy #4: Eggy Peppers. My lovely work colleague Jenna has a rather splendid food blog with lots of delicious recipes – she recently did this egg baked peppers which I gave a go during the week. I cooked them for a bit too long but I love the idea! I think with more practise this will be delicious, roasted pepper and rich runny yolk.. om nom nom. She also did the same thing with an avocado… I will also be trying this. Check out Jenna’s blog Raw Rhubarb for more yummy, healthy recipes!
Happy #5: On Sunday we went to Hangleton to see some friends and their beautiful children. Jezz & I, and my flat mate & her boyfriend are going on holiday with them at the end of the month so we sorted out the last few bits and went for a pub lunch at the lovely Hangleton Manor pubI had whitebait for my starter, chicken roast dinner for my main and then Pimms Eton Mess for pudding all washed down with a lovely pear cider.  Somewhat gluttonous but glorious.  I had lots of baby cuddles with the newest addition to their family, lots of giggles, and excited holiday squeaks from all. Not long to go now!! Less that two weeks and we are off to Gatwick :) :) :) Woop woop!
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#findthehappy – Week 4

FIND THE HAPPY – Week 4 – Monday 27th April 2015 – Sunday 3rd May 2015
Happy #1: On Tuesday a good friend who is moving back to Brighton from London later this year came down for a visit. Jezz and I headed to the pub to meet him for a drink after work, another friend who is due to become a father for the first time was also there. I haven’t seen either of them for a while so it was really nice to catch up! We did the pub quiz, failed miserably but did have the most obscene ridiculous burger ever. 
Happy #2: This week saw pay day and therefore a wee Primark shop was in order. I picked up a few tops for my holiday at the end of the month, a skirt (reduced to £3… HURRAH) some cute tote bags and some socks. I apparently cant leave Primark without socks that are cute.
Happy #3: Friday was the 1st of May and marked 6 months ago that I quit smoking. I posted about it here. Quite proud.
Happy #4: A colleague that I work with retired this week, (that is not the happy, she will be hugely missed) and on Friday my work colleagues and I went out. We went for a lovely Greek meal, I had halloumi to start and swordfish as my main, it was delicious! After we went to the pub and had a few drinks. I forgot to take photos of anything exciting here… too busy eating and drinking!
However in the morning there were some dogs painted on the road… so here is a picture of them instead…
Happy #5: This weekend Jezz and I were able to attend the Foodies Festival on Hove lawns, courtesy of a colleague who gave me some tickets for entry. We met up with some friends there and essentially spend the majority of the day eating and drinking. We shared pork belly sandwich, spring rolls, tempura prawns, chicken satay, LOTS of churros and a hog roast sandwich. Washed down with a pint of cider, pint of beer and a over-priced glass of spritz. We had a lovely time, however I can’t help but feel that if I had paid for the tickets I would have been very annoying. The face value of the tickets was around £13… once in there you had to pay for everything, or everyone was trying to sell you something. Dishes were between £4 and £9, drinks around £5 for a pint. Considering the entry cost I was surprised there wasn’t more to do. However, we didn’t pay to get in so it was fine and we were happy to spend a bit of money on some food. We rounded off with one more drink in the pub, all very much over-fed and sleepy by 5pm. Rock and roll.

#findthehappy – Week 3

FIND THE HAPPY – Week 3 – Monday 20th April 2015 – Sunday 26th April 2015
Happy #1: My new cleanser! I have been dying to try the Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm and I treated myself to the 4-piece starter kit which arrived this week and it is just brilliant. Stupidly expensive but brilliant. Yesterday I posted my April favourites, this certainly made the list!
Happy #2: My parents recently returned from another holiday in Portugal where they have been building a holiday home (check out my Dad’s blog here). They have lots of orange and lemon trees. They gave me a huge bag of oranges which I juiced. They made the most delicious orange juice!
Happy #3: I have been dying to try the coral coloured nail varnish I received in this months Birchbox. I was not disappointed, I love it! I think it’s going to be great for the summer.

Happy #4: Rainbow Unicorn Cats as my phone wallpaper. What more can I say? I would probably wallpaper my house in this if I could….

Happy #5: Super super lazy weekend with the boy. As I have been riddled with a very serious case of the man-flu a lazy weekend was in order. Literally have worn my jimjams and been at one with a blanket and the sofa. Glorious. I watched Wreck it Ralph, Third Rock from the Sun (bloody love Netflix) played GTA V, drank numerous cups of tea and ate bacon rolls.  We also watched Big Hero 6, what a marvellous film that is! Bliss.

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#findthehappy – Week 2

FIND THE HAPPY – Week 2 – Monday 13th April 2015 – Sunday 19th April 2015

See last weeks blog post for an explanation of #findthehappy

Happy #1: The sun shone this week. My new ray-ban sunglasses were on my face a lot and this made me happy. Palmeira Square, just outside where I work looked so beautiful this week with the lovely flowers.
Happy #2: I had literally the most super awesome bubbly bath with lush karma bubble bar and Himalayan bath salts. Set up the tablet on the sink so I could watch YouTube videos, and had a cup of tea in my favourite mug. Just wonderful.
Happy #3: April’s Birchbox arrived. Delivery was a little late this month, and communication from them needed some prompting but once I had heard from them it came pretty quickly, (perhaps I was being a little impatient!) The box was good this month. It included another Korres body milk which I am addicted too. This one was bergamot pear and smells soooo yummy. I am a bit obsessed with the citrus one (I am now on my third! Unheard of!) but might have to get this one too. It also had a full size coral nail varnish which I am looking forward to trying. I will probably do another post about Birchbox, for those who don’t know what I am blathering on about, you will no doubt see me mention it on occasion.
Happy #4: Saturday was my Grandmothers 81st birthday. We all gathered at my Aunties house for the most EPIC roast dinner ever, there were 3 legs of lamb… (I will add there were 14 people!) It was delicious and it was really lovely to spend time with my family. Jezz was very happy because there was Banoffee Pie(pronounced Banno-fey in comic style), his favourite for pudding. Nom. 
I have had this stuck in my head for the past week. I am dragging you down with me…
Happy #5: Skiing. Well I am not sure if this is a happy or not, yet. But it was a nice day and something I will definitely look back on so it’s going down! 

I had my very first ski lesson on Sunday! 

I was terrified. It seems the older I am getting the more terrified of things I am getting. It went okay. I fell over 3 times in my 3-hour lesson. About 2-hours in I wanted to cry and give up, falling down was quite a knock, especially when it involved a terrifying conveyor belt lift. It was quite fun going down when you got it right, but I did feel a bit like my lesson was a bit rushed and I really didn’t grasp the concepts fully. Just when I started to get the hang of something we would move on. There were 10 people in my class, right at the maximum so I think this is probably why we were a little pressed for time. 

I am very much in 2-minds about it now. I didn’t hugely enjoy it, but I didn’t fully hate it. I was terrified and psyched myself out a bit I think. I want to like skiing, but I am not sure I do yet. I need to have a think and look at the lessons and how I am going to play it. I would be tempted to take the first 2 lessons again. I certainly do not think I am going to be ready for a ski holiday any time soon. 

Aside from all this, it was a really nice day. Jezz and I got up super early and drove to pick up our friend (who is quite an experienced snow boarder) from his house in London. We stopped and had a breakfast wrap from McDonald’s (mmm naughty) then continued up to SnoZone in Milton Keynes. I had my lesson while the boys did their thing. They carried on a couple of hours after me and I had a little wander around the few shops they have there (might have purchased some pricey Roxy tops in the sale) and then sat with a cappuccino watching all the skiers. Once they were done we headed back to London and had Chinese, dropped off our friend and then came back to Brighton. Shower and bed. Exhausted! Skiing is hard work.
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The concept

I consider myself somewhat of a positive person, or at least I try to be. I had a bit of a sucky time of it a few years ago, and I decided that life was too short for negativity or regret. I will always try to make the best of the situation or if something bad happens try to look at it in such a way to see what I can learn and take away from it. Sometimes easier said then done, but essential I try to live my life as a “glass half -full kinda gal”. So the idea behind “Find the Happy” is to draw 5 things each week that have made me smile, or happy. Something that it is worth remembering at some point. So on the days when it’s hard to find something to smile about, I will have a list of things that I can look back on that have. 
Feel free to join in an list your 5 for the week also. #findthehappy 

FIND THE HAPPY – Week 1 – Monday 6th April 2015 – Sunday 12th April 2015

Happy #1: Lush bath bombs. I bought 3, a bubble bar and a face mask on the Saturday leading up to this weekend and had used most of them before Monday had begun. But I used some this week so they can be counted in my list! Dragons egg is my absolute favourite (so far – haven’t worked my way through their entire line yet). It is fresh, citrussy and fizzes up a dream! The middle is filled with beautiful orange and gold that makes the bath water a beautiful colour… and if that wasn’t enough there is also popping candy in it for some extra big snap crackles and pops to your bath. Love it.  Buy it here = Lush Website


Happy #2: Half price Easter chocolate in Waitrose. Nuff said.
Happy #3: Finding out that the BBC version of The Musketeers has been renewed for a third series. I was pretty sure I was the only person in existence that was obsessed with this show. If only for the marvellous theme tune…
Happy #4: Walking in the sunshine along Hove seafront to Brighton town centre with a large vanilla latte with some of my favourites. Brighton is literally the best place to be when the sun is shining.
Happy #5: Steak cooked in the George Foreman. Although I managed to burn my foot in the process. (There is a reason they say to let it cool down before you clean it!) Washed down with asparagus, grilled tomatoes and homemade mushroom sauce. I would have taken a picture but I ate it too quickly. Nom.
See you next week for more #findthehappy, feel free to join in! I look forward to hearing about what has made you happy this week.

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