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Honest OOTD – Week 3

In the spirit of honesty, seeing as this is Honest OOTD, this was yesterday not today. I would like to say I was so busy yesterday that I simply did not have the time to upload… however… truth is that I took the dog for a long walk, then binge watched the second series of American Horror Story. Oops.

Honest OOTD Amynoos Week Three

I have neglected to crop the image apparently… pile of wires and books is evident.

My top a white and black striped t-shirt from DC Shoes. It was purchased in a sale on their website about 3 or 4 years ago. It is super long and could be worn as a dress (a short dress mind you, probably need some leggings) and it is super comfortable. It is, however, pretty shapeless (seems to be a theme of my clothes). The jeans are “wide leg mum cropped” jeans in a very light blue (stonewash?). This is THE WORST angle for this outfit haha. It makes my body look abnormally long, and my legs abnormally short. I love these jeans, they are new. I got them in Primark last week for £15. They are made of a really soft denim and come up pretty high on the waist. My socks from Primark, same as last week however I suspect from a different coloured set as they are not blindingly brightly coloured. I have a lot of these socks.

I am wearing make up! Not much face make up, just a little blotting powder but I went with full eye make up. My hair is up in a “styled” bun. You can’t see it but there is a plait in the top.