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Zingy Lemon Buttery Biscuit Recipe

One of the perks of your parents deciding to build a holiday home in Portugal, are the delivery of lemons I get every so often. They are the most wonderful delicious lemons!

I decided to try and be a bit creative with some of them and came across this fantastic recipe from Jamie Oliver. The biscuits went down a treat at work, they were all gone by lunchtime. So I thought I would share it with you all. They really are delicious!


Lemon Biscuit Ingredients

125g of butter, cubed, room temperature

100g of caster sugar

1 egg (preferably free range)

200g of plain flour

2 lemons, the zest (keep the juice to one side for icing)

1/4 of a teaspoon of baking powder

1 pinch of sea salt

extra plain flour for dusting

icing sugar


1. Put the sugar and butter into a bowl and cream together. You can use a fork or an electric blender.

Lemon Biscuits

2. Add the egg to the mixture and mix until fluffy.

Lemon Biscuits

3. Add the baking powder, flour, salt and lemon zest and mix to create a ball of dough

Lemon Biscuits

4. Once you have your ball of dough place it in the fridge for at least 2 hours. This will help to firm it up.

5. After removing your dough from the fridge roll it out on a floured surface. It should be around 1/2 centimetre thick.

Lemon Biscuits

6. Use a cutter of your choice to cut out the shapes. I used this duck, it was a nightmare, so I switched to a man shape, which was also a nightmare. The rest was rolled into balls and squashed.

Lemon Biscuits

7. Place your shapes onto a baking tray (don’t forget to grease it!) and bake for around 12 minutes at 180°c/350°F/gas 4.

Lemon Biscuits

8. Once baked leave on a wire rack to cool. Or a plate… I don’t have a wire rack. Oops.

Lemon Biscuits

9. While you are waiting you can make your icing! Now I used all of the juice from the two lemons which made enough icing for around 7000 biscuits. So just use a little as you go. Probably 1/2 of a lemon will be more than enough! Once your biscuits are cooled you can ice them.

Lemon Biscuits

10. After making a right mess of the kitchen, rescue the one you dropped in the vat of icing.

Lemon Biscuit

And enjoy! :)

April – Month Update

If you read my last post you will know that March was a difficult month and one that I was quite glad to see the back of. Although my Nan’s funeral was planned for the middle of April it was a much more positive month.

The day of the funeral was in a strange way, a really nice day. As my mum quoted from Dickens “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”. Despite being terribly sad, and it sideways raining, it was really lovely to spend the day with all of my close family. We cried together, we laughed together and we ate the biggest Chinese take-away I had ever seen! At the end of the day I thought to myself, “Nan would have really enjoyed today” and that made me smile.

This was like a box of chocolates - there are two layers!

This was like a box of chocolates – there were two layers!

April started off with a bang when Jezz, myself and 3 friends went up to London to see Infected Mushroom at The Ministry of Sound on the 1st. We planned this quite a few months back. I last saw them about 8 years ago, and we have kept missing them since then so there was no way we were missing this one! We went with our friends Chris, Adam and Adam aka Number 2 (he did not like being called number two). The boys had decided that we would go VIP to make it extra special. My 14-year old self would have literally shit her pants at the knowledge that I was in the VIP section at The Ministry of Sound in London. It was ludicrously expensive, but amazing.

The VIP actually saved us I think, I was somewhat worried about the prospect of pulling an all-nighter (it’s been a while!) but it was great having a table to return too and somewhere to sit. It worked out perfectly for us, we had drinks, danced for 2 hours straight while Infected Mushroom played and then went back until they kicked us out.

I had the best time, it was awesome.

Group Shot! Out with the boys.

Group Shot!

We had two awesome road trips in April, for the first we popped over to Bristol for the weekend to see some of Jezz’s friends that he hadn’t seen in a couple of years. We had a brilliant time, we enjoyed the first BBQ of the year, had some drinks in the sunshine and then yet more drinks in a pub, then some more drinks at someone house. So drunk, so very very drunk. I had literally the worst hangover ever on the Sunday! But had a really great time. We are going to a festival in July with a few of them so super excited for that now. Woop!

I didn't take any photos in Bristol... here are some sausage rolls I made instead. They were lush.

I didn’t take any photos in Bristol… here are some sausage rolls I made instead. They were lush.

We also went on a trip up to Leeds to wish our brilliant friends Alex and Andy a fond farewell before they jet off on an epic adventure to South America. We embarked on a pub crawl all dressed as Mexicans. Our friends Toby and Lina that travelled up with us stayed with Alex and Andy at their flat, and Jezz and I stayed in a really nice hotel about ten minutes walk away. We had a really great weekend, on the Sunday we headed over to Tropical World (lord knows I love an animal related attractions – aquarium and zoos ALL OVER IT!), and had a nice evening just chilling out together and watching some TV.

Leeds Mexico Leaving Party   Amy Jezz AlexLeeds Mexico Leaving Party

We had all booked off the Monday so we didn’t have to rush back from Leeds hungover on Sunday. So we made a slow wonder back to the South via Ikea in Croyden. I shit you not, we spent 4 hours in there. I am pretty sure that Ikea steals hours from your life in the form of scented candles, flat pack, meatballs and all the storage my heart desires.

It was a really lovely weekend all in all.

Road Trip to Leeds

The Queen also turned 90 in April, and seeing that she is obviously such a massive fan of the blog, she wore an outfit to match our engagement cake. What a legend.

Who wore it best?

Who wore it best?

That was the exciting parts of April, we were lucky to have two marvellous adventures this month. I love going on car adventures, so excited to plan more for this year now we have a car! :)

HIVEDATE = The saga continues… I decided that my two culprits were either the biological washing liquid I had recently started using, or perhaps the new Dove body wash/body lotion. So I stopped using both and it seemed to clear up. HURRAH. No hurrah. On the Sunday of our adventure to Leeds I woke up super rashy and itchy. WAH. I have been taking anti-histamines since. It flares up for a few days, then I am okay again. I am keeping an eye on it. I would like to say that hopefully I will not have to write about the hives saga again, however seeing as I am typing this from May… I can tell you it will not be the last hivedate. Sigh….