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March – Month Update

This month has been pretty difficult to write. When I set up this blog, the main focus what to “find the happy”, and I still stand by that. Which is probably why the March update is running a bit behind, because to be frank, March has sucked.

It has been one thing after another and I am glad to see the back of it. It’s hard, even for the most annoyingly positive person, to remain positive after a month of rubbish-ness.

However we are now in April, already things are looking up so hopefully it is the end of the crap.

Here are some good things that happened in March:

Ski Holiday was a bit of a fail for me as I got sick with this horrific cold/flu/bronchitis bug that has been doing the rounds, however it was a blast with the others. The resort was really beautiful and we had a lovely chalet which I bonded with very well. Me and that sofa spent some hours together over BBC daytime TV.

La Plagne France Ski Holiday

I did manage to get out of the chalet one day to the Spar shop and purchased all these sweets. I am obsessed with these so when I saw all the different colours had to get them all. Still to try the purple ones…

Haribo Tagada Pink Red Purple

My wedding shoes arrived. I cannot reveal them just yet, but they are so beautiful and ridiculous and exactly what I wanted! I know a lot of girls who have dreamed about every aspect of their wedding day since they were little, but I haven’t really. The only real thing I had in my head that I knew I wanted was my shoes, so ticked that off the list pretty promptly when I found out it was possible. I have plenty of time to break them in! Hurrah!

Here is a little clue, it is these shoes but I have had them customised.

Wedding Shoes

This door stop.

I cannot have a real one (cat…not doorstop), so Coco has come to live with us. She is pretty low maintenance, won’t go outside… I think she might be a bit intimidated by the cat next door. She likes to sit by the radiator at the back door, I think it’s probably because it’s nice and warm there…. 😛

Coco Cat Door Stop

I finally caved and bought the limited edition Liz Earle cleanser (yes another one, I have a problem) but it came with loads and loads of these potato starch packing peanuts. After deciding that everyone in my office needed to experience a packing peanut snow blizzard (you’re welcome) our accounts chap told us you could make things with them. He then produced the elephant. He has some serious skills, totally wasted in accounts. The rest of the office proceeded to have a go and produced the zoo below which now lives on my desk.

Packing Peanut Zoo

So that is where we are at now. We are actually pretty deep into April so I will need to start that post soon!

A Little Note.

On Monday 28th March 2016 my beautiful, brave Nanny, lost her hard-fought battle with a long illness. It was not a shock, we knew it was coming, but it was still very sad. We are going to miss her very, very much. (And her roast potatoes). She was the best Nanny ever, she spoiled her grandchildren rotten and coined the phrase “chimney pot” because if we asked for it, she gave it to us. I remember as a kid once complimenting her on her super sparkly clip-on earrings as she came to our front door for a visit. She promptly whipped them off and gave them to me. Whatever she could do to make any of us happy, she would do. There are lots and lots of happy memories. She was the best.

Rita Ada Mitten

18.04.1934 – 28.03.2016

 Rita Ada Mitten

Family Pose