Honest OOTD – Week 3

In the spirit of honesty, seeing as this is Honest OOTD, this was yesterday not today. I would like to say I was so busy yesterday that I simply did not have the time to upload… however… truth is that I took the dog for a long walk, then binge watched the second series of American Horror Story. Oops.

Honest OOTD Amynoos Week Three

I have neglected to crop the image apparently… pile of wires and books is evident.

My top a white and black striped t-shirt from DC Shoes. It was purchased in a sale on their website about 3 or 4 years ago. It is super long and could be worn as a dress (a short dress mind you, probably need some leggings) and it is super comfortable. It is, however, pretty shapeless (seems to be a theme of my clothes). The jeans are “wide leg mum cropped” jeans in a very light blue (stonewash?). This is THE WORST angle for this outfit haha. It makes my body look abnormally long, and my legs abnormally short. I love these jeans, they are new. I got them in Primark last week for £15. They are made of a really soft denim and come up pretty high on the waist. My socks from Primark, same as last week however I suspect from a different coloured set as they are not blindingly brightly coloured. I have a lot of these socks.

I am wearing make up! Not much face make up, just a little blotting powder but I went with full eye make up. My hair is up in a “styled” bun. You can’t see it but there is a plait in the top.



Honest OOTD – Week 2

Welcome to our second week of Honest Outfit of the Day.

Honest OOTD - Week Two

I cropped the image, again to hide wires and a discarded book to the right of the image.

From bottom to top, today’s outfit starts with some unnecessarily bright yellow socks. The photo doesn’t quite do them justice. Think highlighter pen. I do quite like them, but they are pretty lurid. They were part of a pack of similarly lurid coloured socks from Primark.

Then we have some dark blue jeans from Rocha John Rocha (Debenhams), I paid about £40 for these year before last. They are the only ones that I could find with a slight bootcut and that were not sodding skinny jeans. What is with all the skinny jeans? I have two pairs, they actually don’t fit that great and require a belt. They are nice quality though and fairly comfortable (aside from the fact they keep falling down sans belt).

The top is from Tu at Sainsburys, it is a sleeveless top in a sort of blue/green/grey with tribal style patterns. It is longer at the back than at the front which you can’t see in this picture. I love the length of this top, I always enjoy a top that is a bit longer in length. I got this top in a sale last year, I think it was about £5-7, not much at all and it is one of my current favourites.

I have not put on a full face of make up because I could not be bothered too. I threw on some mascara and combed my unruly eyebrows as I was popping out to the post office after taking this. I have put my hair up in my current go to style, dutch braid pig tails. This is always a good hairstyle to keep my hair out my face and looks like I have put in a bit more effort.

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Honest OOTD

OOTD for those who are not down with the Internet lingo is outfit of the day. The internet is littered with images of men and women, in fantastically put together outfits from Whistles and The White Company, casually draped across sun-drenched bodies with eyes hidden behind Ray-Ban shades, carefully posed on a beautiful doorstep in the posh part of town.

You know that it is one image of at least 75 that were taken. The best angle achieved, lighting, smoothed in post-production.


So here we go, I have gone for the opposite. We have my honest OOTD for today, Tuesday 24th July 2018. In honest OOTD I will take one photo. Any changes made will be declared. So here you are;

Honest OOTD 24/07/18

I cropped the image to make it evenly framed, and to cut out the pile of headphones, chargers and pyjamas to the right. I also put up the brightness a tiny bit because it is dark in this room, if I open the blinds then I am back lit and come out in silhouette (although some might argue I am best viewed in this manner). This is a crap mirror, I should have cleaned it before the photo. If you can see me through the muck, today’s outfit comprises of some unshapely black slouchy trousers with elastic around the ankles. I got them from Sports Direct about 5 years ago. The elastic is unforgiving and they are slightly see-through in certain lights. I have teamed this with the first top I grabbed out of the drawer, a £1.80 green strap top from Primark.

It is hot at the moment. Like sweat in your eyeballs, skin blistering, muggy floppy hot. Hair is in top knot. Not even a top knot, that would suggest I thought it a style. I tipped my head upside down, and tied my hair out of my face. No make up. I haven’t even washed my face, although I have someone popping to the house to do some odd jobs in 10 minutes so I do plan to have a shower after they have left.

Perhaps I should have taken the photo then.

Hey but this is going to be honest. So there you go, our first honest OOTD. Because the Internet needs more of me without any make up on.


It has sat feeling unloved, abandoned, kicking it’s toes in the dust wondering if I will ever return again.

It isn’t unloved, nor forgotten.

Just misunderstood and still figuring out who it is.

Perhaps the fact I am referring to it as if it were a living breathing entity is half the issue.

Unfinished drafts.




RuPauls Drag Race.

This one is also a massive distraction…..

Reggie Cavapoo

I have been teaching him how to use instagram, go show him some loves Reggie Cavapoo

Suck it up. Let’s do this!

P.S. Thanks Paul for the nudge :o)

Random Thing I have loved in… March 2018

Approximately 12 seconds into Christmas Eve, Easter begins in the shops. Although each year this produces a grumbled swear from me (and one year quite a loud one) about how quick it is, I am actually quite happy about the arrival of these bad boys.

Amynoos Oreo Eggs Favourite

The Cadbury Oreo Eggs. They are divine. You get about 6 in a pack which usually retails around £1.50. (Although they always seem to be on offer for £1).

Amynoos Oreo Eggs Favourite

They are a small chocolate egg with an Oreo cream filling. I am not sure exactly how to describe it, it’s creamy, it’s crunchy, it’s just heavenly.

Amynoos Oreo Eggs Favourite

I am obsessed with them. I will not disclose how many bags I have chomped through but it is safe to say more than 2.

Amynoos Oreo Eggs Favourite

You will need to get them in while you can though as they disappear soon after Easter. Which because I am apparently the slowest blogger ever is now in the past! So run, RUN TO SAINSBURYS! However do not worry because no doubt they will be back before we can say Bah Humbug.

Becoming Mrs G….. The Lead Up Part 3

Read part one here, and part two here.

Wednesday 13th September. 3 sleeps to go. 

Today was probably the first day I didn’t have a major wedding task to do or looming. Had lots of emails to respond to, organised the art work with the chap for the photo booth and also the uplighters which he is also doing. It should look good! I sorted out the quiz bits and mounted the readings for the people we have asked to do them. I have resisted the temptation to eat the left over favour chocolates. Did a bit more packing for the weekend. Quite a relaxed day really! 

Amynoos Becoming Mrs G Wedding Favours 

Thursday 14th September. 2 sleeps to go. 

The day after tomorrow! Eak! Shit it’s close. I went to go and get my nails done. The lady that did them did a really good job and I was really pleased. They look so pretty, exactly what I wanted.

Amynoos Becoming Mrs G Wedding Nails

Dad and Mum picked up the suits for the boys. Jezz forgot to tell 2 of the groomsmen that this was a thing happening today. Another of the groomsmen popped over on his way from work and collected his and and the one for our mini groomsmen, plus the two who had no idea all of this was going on. I had to do some frantic communication to make sure that they would be in to receive the suits and try them on. It was all fine thankfully.  Jezz’s brother popped over and tried his on. I think we are ready to go! Looking forward to getting cracking tomorrow! 

It is out last night in the flat as an unmarried couple. Last night together as an unmarried couple. 

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!  


Friday 15th September. 1 sleep to go. 

This morning we had a fairly relaxed start, but the mood was exciting. A bit like the day before you go on holiday. We got up and sorted out the last few bits, packed the last few pieces in the cases.

Jezz and I decided to have a little KFC brunch before my Dad came over at around 1pm to do the first run of wedding bits and pieces over to Pelham House. Mr brother came to help too. So Dad, my brother and I got as much as we could into Dad’s car and then headed to Pelham House. We put all the stuff in the chamber suite, which was already being set up for the big day tomorrow. So exciting! Dad dropped me back to the flat on the way back, then they went to go get lunch and do some more runs with stuff from their house.

Jezz was busy practising his speech. We loaded up the last few bits into our car and off we went to Pelham House. It felt weird but very exciting to know that the next time we will be in the flat we will be married! I laughed in the car, said to Jezz “that’s it now, when we come back you will be stuck with me”, and he replied with “aaaah well, there is always divorce” hahahaha. Cheeky sod.

We got to Pelham House and parked up, then we checked into the hotel. We had different rooms that night as per the tradition of not seeing each other. We put the last few bits in the chamber suite and Jezz went off to practice his speech again. Mum turned up, then we went to have a drink at the pub around the corner with Jezz. It was a proper “local” pub, bit ropey, but the gin and tonic went down a treat. Dad called Mum as he had arrived again with the my aunts so she headed back. We finished our drinks and then headed over too. My aunts got checked in, and were closely followed by my brothers arrival with all of the camera equipment for our videographer to film the wedding tomorrow. We spent a bit of time in the hotel doing some pottering, had a cup of tea with Mum and then I headed to the Chamber suite to start putting some of the things on the tables. We got about 5 tables done, there were still two tables not set up yet. Everyone went to go and freshen up for dinner at 7pm. My bridesmaids and one of the groomsmen arrived just before 7pm. The maid of honour was sharing a room with me so that was fun, like a sleep over! Jezz’s mum joined us for the meal. We had a really lovely meal, I had salmon gravlax, lemon sole, and then brandy chocolate mousse. The best man popped into the hotel during coffee and we all had a few drinks together (he had been unable to make the meal). Then went to bed just past 12, didn’t want it to be too late. The MOH and I headed back to the room and had showers, we chatted for a bit and laughed at the MOH’s other half who had been to another wedding that day and was hammered texting her. Very amusing!

Sweet dreams. Tomorrow is the big day. Lets hope I can get some sleep.  

Amynoos Becoming Mrs G Wedding Preparation Excited

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018!

I am not sure where 2017 went if I am honest. It absolutely flew past. It was definitely a better year that the shit show that was 2016 but it was not without its flaws. Still, never one to dwell on the negative here are some of my highlights;

I quit my job end of March 2017 having spend 5 and a half years there. All good, no negative reasons but just time to move on.

We had some awesome adventures to Romney Sands, Centre Parcs, Bristol, and Bedfordshire.

2017 saw the first of a big run of weddings over the next few years. One of my longest friends got married to her long time fiance in August in the beautiful Kew Gardens in London. It was a beautiful day. I drank far too much red wine.

Jezz and I at the other wedding of the year!

Jezz and I at the other wedding of the year

August also saw the run up to our wedding! We spent a fabulous few days in a small village near Bath at a beautiful house that had a hot tub and swimming pool. A big a group of friends came with us to celebrate a joint hen/stag do. I have honestly never laughed so much in my life, or seen Jezz so hungover in all my life.

Amynoos Hag Cottage Aug 2017 20799499_10214132081239149_1882476492305223645_n

We also had my hen do! Which was everything I wished for, we painted mugs, we made cocktails, we ate delicious food and danced. It was perfect. Major props to my MOH for organising!

Amynoos Hen Do

Of course, without a doubt the highlight of the year has to be our wedding! It was the most brilliant day. I wish we could go back and do it all again. It was the best.

Amynoos Amy Jezz Wedding

Finally, never in my wildest dreams would I think that at the end of 2017 that we would be getting a puppy. This little ball of fluff joined our family on the 17th December and has turned our world upside down! I currently spend my days cleaning up poop, pee and loving the absolute heck out of this little guy. Meet Reggie, or Reg, or Sir Reginald Poopy Butt. We love him a lot.

Amynoos Reggie

2018 What is to come?

I am excited for 2018, we are looking to move house this year. Looking forward to going on some adventures with Reggie and taking him for walks. We have a lovely holiday planned in the early summer/late spring and he can come with us so that is very exciting!

There are three weddings this year! I am so excited for all of them. Each of them should be different from the other. Can’t wait to see some of my bestest getting married!

Who knows what else? We shall see.

In the meantime wishing you all a happy new year. May 2018 bring you lots of exciting adventure, laughter and love. Thank you as always for your support this year.

Here is to a fabulous 2018!



Random thing I loved in… November

I had never actually ventured into The White Company. Something about its clean and simple lines had never lured me into the store. I think perhaps I have never considered myself a clean and simple lines kinda gal. That was until November when I finally stepped through the door of my local store and immediately wanted to set up camp and live there forever. It is a really beautiful shop.

I found myself in the candles and fragrance section, where I spent probably far too long drawing the attention of the security guard while I proceeded to sniff every single fragrance they had.

Amynoos The White Company Winter Candle

The one that caught my attention was their seasonal fragrance titled ‘Winter‘. This is something I have been aware of as lots of bloggers go mad for it this time of year. It was clearly a popular choice as a large table dedicated to just this fragrance was in the middle of the section surrounded by hungry candle lovers getting their fill. Just approaching the table I knew I was in trouble and would not be leaving the store without one.

Amynoos The White Company Winter Candle

I am always a bit dubious about Christmas fragrances. They can often be cookie, vanilla, sickly sweet fragrances but this one is different. It combines cinnamon, clove and orange. The smell reminds me of walking into a cosy pub in December that is selling mulled cider and wine. It really for me defines the scent of Christmas. It is delicious.

The smell is strong without being overpowering. Just having the candle in the room not even lit you get a bit of an aroma as you pass.

Amynoos The White Company Winter Candle

They are not cheap. This candle was £20. Which, to me is a bit of a mad amount to spend on a candle but I do love it so much. The candle has an approximate burn time of 28 hours. You get a lot of smell for your money. I just adore it. Expensive but totally worth it! I can see this being a real seasonal favourite and something I will purchase year on year.

Dept. Store for the Mind – Brighton Pop up Shop

2nd – 24th December 2017 – 13 Trafalgar Street, Brighton, BN1 4EQ

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

There is no doubt about it Christmas is a stressful time. The weather is usually rubbish, we are faced with endless lists of what to do, what to get, when to do it. It can quite overwhelming.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

Created in 2015, The Department Store for the Mind was designed to create a space to explore mindful living. Started by Brighton psychologist, Ruth Williams and Sophie Howarth, the aim was to create products that make it simple for us to de-stress, reconnect and remember to seek out moments of lightness and calm. Each item is designed to create more than just the item itself, it is designed to prompt a thought, to help, to explore. Items that are designed to create a deeper human connection.

Those Christmas socks are no longer just a pair of socks, they are a way of giving back.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

That beautiful bracelet is not just pretty, it is designed to help you to find calm.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

For the first time ever in Brighton they are running a pop-up shop, running from the 2nd – 24th December 2017 at 13 Trafalgar Street.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

The store is a space for discovering calm and finding different ways to share a connection this Christmas.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

The store is full of wonderful gifts. For example these beautiful mugs that were a collaboration with John-Paul Flintoff. They come as a pair and are designed to inspire honest conversation.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

The idea being that as you sit with someone and drink your tea you see words to help provoke interesting thoughtful discussions.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

They have worked closely with many illustrators to create beautiful cards. Like these adorable little cards in collaboration with Marc Johns. You can buy them individually or as a box of 16.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

There are also these larger cards with some really beautiful illustrations that come in boxes of 12. They have some really lovely and thoughtful messages.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

Downstairs in the shop they have created a beautiful space to think. A cosy nook with comfortable chairs and some reading where you can go and take a moment to relax and escape the madness of Christmas shopping.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

They offer a free “choco pause” where you can get a free hot chocolate. What I loved most about this area was the little flyer created with Meredith Whitely to help you drink your hot chocolate more mindfully. Step by step taking you through your senses to really unwind, relax and escape.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

The shop really does have some wonderful items and is thought provoking. At this time of year it is so easy to forget about mindfulness. When we are running around frantically trying to buy presents, Department Store for the Mind is a beautiful tranquil space for shopping that not only takes care of your shopping, but also your mind.

Dept.Store for the Mind Amynoos

Be sure to get down to the lovely pop-up shop on 13 Trafalgar Street in December. The last day is 24th December.

Even if you if cannot make it to the shop, take a moment to  heck out their Slow Shopping Guide even if you cannot make it to the store.

Adagio Teas & Giveaway

It is the first thing I do each morning. Get up, turn the kettle on. A day doesn’t start right without a cup of tea followed by several more over the course of the day.

I love tea, cannot get enough of the stuff! So, when the very kind people over at Adagio Teas asked me if I would like to try some of their festive teas I jumped at the chance!

Adagio Tea Amynoos 1

Adagio Teas are an online company specialising in Tea. Teas of every kind, from Oolong to Earl Grey all the way to Matcha and Chai there is a tea to suit everyone. There are even some more adventurous flavours like their special Christmas selections which include candy cane and chestnut flavours. Loose tea, tea bags, tea cups, tea pots. Everything you could ever need to go on a worldwide tour of tea. Glorious!

They have a fantastic selection of gifts for Christmas, and they are all reasonably priced.

My favourite definitely has to be these super adorable mini tins of tea, filled with loose tea. They are just so cute! For £12 you get these 6 tins of each of their festive flavours, chestnut, cranberry, candy cane, pumpkin spice, candy apple and gingerbread. You could gift them separately as stocking fillers or as a set.

Adagio Tea Amynoos 6

If loose tea isn’t your bag (see what I did there?) these mini tins are available filled with teabags. You can also get a Holiday Cheer selection box of their festive flavours for £14. This include 30 teabags with the same selection of flavours in a lovely presentation box. I would be over the moon to receive this as a gift.

Adagio Tea Amynoos 7

Their tea selection is huge! With so many to try you might find it difficult to decide on which one to choose. Luckily most of them have a sample pack available for a mere £1.50! This makes around 10 cups. This is great if there is a flavour you fancy trying without buying a large pack.

Adagio Tea Amynoos 5

One of my favourites from Adagio is the Christmas black tea. Ceylon tea with cinnamon, clove and orange peel. It is spicy and aromatic. The cinnamon and clove are not too powerful, just enough to give a real warmth to a delicious black tea. I can see this being a favourite over the Christmas period.

Adagio Tea Amynoos 4

I can also highly recommend the candy cane tea. I was a bit dubious about this, wondering how a festive favourite hard candy walking stick would translate to tea but it is just incredible. It combines black tea, peppermint flavour and candy cane pieces. It has a decadent vanilla and mint aroma and a real delicately flavoured sweet mint taste. It reminded me a bit of a humbug (the sweetie kind not the Scrooge kind). It is incredibly moreish.

Adagio Tea Amynoos 2


Adagio Tea are very kindly giving one reader the chance to win a fabulous prize just in time for Christmas! The prize includes a red teapot and cups, and a Christmas tea selection so that you can see for yourself the amazing variety of special teas they have out this season.

Serving suggestion; enjoyed with a mince pie and a Christmas movie.

To be in with a chance please enter using Rafflecopter below;

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*I was sent product samples and provided with prizes for a reader giveaway in exchange for publishing an honest review of Adagio Teas. All opinions are my own.

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